Here are some of my clinical pearls and a collection of helpful resources to support your wellbeing.


Great explanation about Chinese medicine’s approach to food: How Food Works by Andrew Sterman

Bone broth:

Food Sensitivities

Fermented Foods
Extraordinary DIY fermentation history, guidance and recipes:

Growing your own vegetables makes cooking more intriguing, diversifies what you eat, and makes it easy to grab something for dinner.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Exercise & Meditation

Classical Chinese Medicine


Full Well Santa Fe

I was 39 weeks pregnant, and my doctor told me that I had low amniotic fluid, which meant that I had to be induced in one week. I did not want to be induced, so I came to Pamela and we did four treatments that week. I went into labor three hours before I was supposed to be induced, and the baby arrived two hours later. It was an easier and quicker birth than I could have expected.