Philosophy, History & Modalities

Pamela Gregg Flax started Full Well Acupuncture in 2012. The practice is based on:

  • the intention to heal, harmonize and enliven the spirit, mind and body
  • incisive and nuanced diagnostics and treatments
  • a collaborative spirit between patient/participant and practitioner
  • continued practitioner cultivation

The name of Full Well Acupuncture refers to the inner wisdom that exists in each of us and is intrinsic to our health. Full well reminds us that we have deep resources--an inner abundance--that we can tap into. When we discover, appreciate and fulfill this true nature, we experience wholeness and complete full wellness.

Ground Cherry by Ogato KorinThe inspiration for the name of the practice comes from a painting called “Ground Cherry” by Ogato Korin (1688-1704). In it, a ripe cherry has fallen to the ground near a stream. The golden spaciousness accentuates the potency of the little ruby fruit with its blueprint for the future. The cherry is like a radiant heart, and the colors in the painting sing. Ribbons of turquoise remind us of water’s ‘conservative dynamic equilibrium--a contradiction reminiscent of Chinese philosophy and medicine: a stream, like life, may pause, meander or surge haphazardly, but its changing course is in fact the most effortless path forward as water seeks its balance in the ocean. Life is a mysterious wonder. The painting reminds us of our inner resources, resilience and optimism, our self-knowledge, curiosity and potential for discovery and transformation, our unique rhythms over time and our spacious center point at play with life’s ever-changing experiences and mysteries. These qualities infuse Full Well Acupuncture.

Full Well Acupuncture integrates best practices of:

  • Acupuncture & Moxibustion
  • Chinese herbal medicine: custom herbal teas and formula ‘teapills’
  • Minerals and gemstones in Chinese formulations
  • Essential oil blends (powerful substitute for acupuncture needles; great for home self-care, children and the elderly)
  • Nutritional counseling as a stand-alone or adjunct treatment protocol
  • Internal cultivation (qi gong, yoga, meditation)
  • Exercise choices that harmonize one’s constitution and condition
  • Tui Na medical massage
  • Meditative healing
  • Collaboration with Eastern and Western medical approaches (Full Well Acupuncture’s treatments may stand alone or work in concert with other modalities to increase their efficacy.)


Full Well Santa Fe

After I was diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, I was able to ignore it for a decade or so before I reached a crisis point when I was finally forced to address the symptoms.  I began seeing an urologist/surgeon trained in all of the standard treatments of Western medicine and started a pharmacological regimen, which left me feeling ill and sexually impotent.  When I told the doctor I could not continue with the drugs, he told me that my only remaining option was surgical, which would of course have its own risks and unintended consequences, not to mention be quite expensive.

I needed to find something else, so I asked Dr. Gregg-Flax if she could help.  I will stop well short of calling it miraculous.  It has taken some months, but a program of acupuncture, herbal therapy, careful dietary choices and a healthy lifestyle has reduced my symptoms greatly.  I am now confidently looking forward to being completely healed and well.