Treatment Philosophy

At Full Well Acupuncture, my holistic treatment plans support you as a whole person. When we shift small things on a regular basis, they quickly add up to big changes. I believe in empowering you with new awareness that you can use every day. Together, we identify areas that are not aligned with healing and track specific changes of transformation. The experiences in the treatment sessions open a profound new path of forward – where you begin to feel and believe in your own infinite possibilities and feel the freedom of your spirit. I invite you to begin this marvelous journey of feeling better.

Pamela Gregg Flax, DOM, FABORM
Full Well Acupuncture 


Full Well Santa Fe

Pamela creates a space of deep listening, on so many levels. When we meet in this setting, I feel seen and heard and I feel safe to allow myself to be seen and heard. This in turn allows for a depth of healing that I have rarely shared with another. There have been sessions wherein Pamela has guided me to places I have never been before, places where I could see and feel the infinite possibilities for my Self. It’s Pamela and acupuncture offering a door to so much more.