Treatment Philosophy

At Full Well Acupuncture, my holistic treatment plans support you as a whole person. When we shift small things on a regular basis, they quickly add up to big changes. I believe in empowering you with new awareness that you can use every day. Together, we identify areas that are not aligned with healing and track specific changes of transformation. The experiences in the treatment sessions open a profound new path of forward – where you begin to feel and believe in your own infinite possibilities and feel the freedom of your spirit. I invite you to begin this marvelous journey of feeling better.

Pamela Gregg Flax, DOM, FABORM
Full Well Acupuncture 


Full Well Santa Fe

I’ve continued taking herbal supplements after giving birth for a myriad of things, one of which is constipation that comes along after any childbirth. Nobody talks about constipation, but it happens with every woman I know! I came home from the hospital prepared with something to drink so as to prevent it. My first birth I had constipation, my second birth with the herbs I had none.