Acupuncture in Santa Fe: A Solution to Altitude Sickness

Acupuncture in Santa Fe: A Solution to Altitude Sickness

If you’re visiting Santa Fe from out of town, you might be wondering why you are suddenly having trouble breathing. You’re not alone - as the high altitude can sometimes cause congestion and sinus problems. The air is thinner, and for the first few days of your visit ~ you must take it slow as your body acclimates to the Santa Fe climate.

Acupuncture in Santa Fe: A Solution to Altitude Sickness

Getting an Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Fe is one way to ease your altitude sickness induced respiratory problems.

No one wants to spend a fortune to go on vacation, and be sick and stuffy the entire time. Not only does it affect you physically – but because our sense of smell is so closely connected to survival (it lets us know when we’re in the presence of something dangerous like a toxic gas or chemical, or whether our food is fresh or rotten), when we are congested our entire Being is just off. (Plus, what good is the delicious green Chile of Santa Fe if you cannot experience it fully?)

Losing our sense of smell can make us feel worlds apart from those around us. Like you are there, but something is missing. You are unable to be fully present in the moment with the distraction of congestion. Breathing becomes difficult, and taking in the flow of Heavenly Qi feels impossible. A nap becomes more desirable than getting outside and enjoying all of the beauty Santa Fe has to offer. No one wants that on their vacation.

By treating yourself with acupuncture in Santa Fe, you are giving yourself the gift of life and experience.

LI20 - Welcome Fragrance Acupuncture Pressure Point

This acupuncture point, Large Intestine 20 (LI20) is a blessing for congested Santa Fe tourists and visitors. The name speaks for itself, called Welcome Fragrance due to its ability to open your nasal passages.

The symptoms this point is useful for are: nasal congestion, stuffy nose, sinusitis sneezing, loss of sense of smell, and rhinitis. The Welcome Fragrance pressure point is located next to the nose, near the nasal opening.

To help relieve any of the above symptoms, apply pressure for 20 - 60 seconds.


The Santa Fe climate can be harsh for visitors who are not used to the high, mountainous altitude. Plan to stay a few extra days and take it easy, rest well, and drink lots of water. If you’re planning your trip in advance, schedule an appointment at Full Well Acupuncture - Santa Fe to stay on top of your breathing and wellness while you visit.